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[IP] D-Tron

Does anyone know anything about the new Disetronic
(D-Tron) pump that was approved in December?  I tried
initially getting information from their website then
through emails to Disetronic and even tried their chat
but to no avail.  Finally in desperation for some
information I checked the FDA website to find approval
info on both the Animas and the D-Tron but only the
D-Tron has been approved so far (December 1999).  Once
I knew it was approved I called Disetronic and on the
third try, was finally connected to someone who knew
something.  He told me that it would definitely be out
by the summer and that it would have bi-directional
computer download capability and multiple basal
profiles but not much more information was given
beyond that.  He said something about a possible
"trade-up" policy for new purchasers of the H-Tron and
seemed upset that the approval info was online at the
FDA site.  (I was glad of it) I then called the D-Rep
in my area regarding the upgrade but he wouldn't or
couldn't say anything about that so there is no
guarantee that if I buy the H-Tron, I will be able to
upgrade to the D-Tron without significant expense on
my part. 

Quite frankly, I'm baffled as to why it's going to
take approximately 6 months from the approval date
until the product goes to market.  I'm also baffled as
to why they feel they need to keep their customers and
potential customers in the dark.  I don't like being
in the dark.  I hate being in the dark! Does anyone
have any more information?  Will the D-Tron be a step
closer to a pump that can read information from a
glucose sensor?  Is it true that Disetronic USA is
just a distributor and has no say in what Disetronic
Switzerland decides to do or how they market their
products?  Could the delay be because they want to
introduce it at one of the big diabetes seminars in
the summer?  If that is the case for the delay then it
doesn't seem very considerate of their customer base. 
The Animas is looking better everyday but that's not
even approved yet!  When the Animas is approved,
should it take 6 months to come to market like the
D-Tron?  How long did the Minimed 508 take from FDA
approval to market? 

Baffled and frustrated but getting my revenge by
posting the URL below: 



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