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Re: [IP] crazy lows!!

> Wow just when I think I have my basals figured out,
WHAMMO! I have had lows
> for about a week and a half. Often!! Across the board
low low low!! Is it
> just an off week? Has my body finally adjusted to the
pump and now I need
> less insulin? Hard to figure out!!

When is the last time you did a fast?  Walsh's book
_Pumping Insulin_ recommends doing a 12+ hour fast to
determine you correct basal rate, and to redo it
occasionally, especially with excessive lows.

> Curious if many people pumping after
> about 3.5 months of pumping need to decrease insulin due
to the body finally
> adjusting to the constant drip of insulin!!
> Leesa

I don't know about the others, but I have to adjust my
basal's pretty regularly.  Three months would be an
excellent time between adjustments, for me (YMMV).
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
diagnosed 10/66, D V100 7/93
A + B + C = Success if, A = Hard Work, B = Hard Play, C =
Keeping your mouth shut.
 - Albert Einstein

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