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[IP] RE: Pumps

>>I have heard about both pumps and they both sound comparable, can someone
please tell me exactly what the differences are between the Disetronic and
MiniMed?  Is there a better one technically or are the differences mainly
personal preference?  Thanks>>>
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The differences boil down to a matter of which features an individual
prefers. Most users of both pumps will tell you their pump has made a
difference in their lives, lowered their HbA1Cs, reduced their number of
high and low excursions, and restored a degree of normalcy and flexibility
to their lives. Many are passionate about the virtues of the particular
brand of pump they selected.
   I agree with Fran that it is best to consult MiniMed's and Disetronic's
Web sites to get a run down on the particular features each pump offers. I
would add, it's good to hear from pump users about the pump they *actually*
use, about the features they like or dislike about their pump. (I will send
you privately a letter explaining what I like and what I wish were different
about my pump).
   A warning: it is not productive to hear people talk about the pump they
do *not* use. Nor is it useful to ask the sales representative of one pump
company what he or she thinks of the other company's pump. -- for two
reasons: 1) the information is unreliable (translation, "usually wrong") and
2) it is the fastest way to start a pump war on this list.

Peace out,

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