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[IP] Re: significant others; public bs testing

my mom got a great book for my ex called something like "Diabetes from A-Z" 
at Borders Book Store.  it really helped him to understand what was going on 
with me.  
a note on public testing that might make you laugh (or cry!): i was IN A 
BATHROOM STALL at a diner and was testing my sugar before giving my shot - 
prior to being on the pump.  as i filled the needle, i noticed someone 
looking through the crack in the door at me.  she was a waitress.  she 
started yelling, "if you keep that up, i'll have to call the cops on you!  
you can do that sh*t at home, but not in our restaurant!!"
it took me ages to figure it out: she thought i was doing heroin!  YIKES!!
i gave my shot and came out, told her i was diabetic, etc.  i guess she was 
just completely ignorant to diabetes, and she yelled that i couldn't take 
heroin in her place of work.
Even more strange - why was she watching me?  
the woman in the stall next to me told me just to go about my business and to 
stop trying to be logical with this waitress, as she didn't know what i meant.
The waitess kept yelling and tried to grab my capped needle from me (it was 
in my hand, since i was so rushed and dumbfounded!)  i put it in my purse, 
got the manager, explained, but he just told her to apologize - she didn't - 
and then told me to pay my bill.  
Everyone at the diner had heard, assumed i was a druggie, etc.  Yuck.  I 
walked out without paying.
it wasn't funny at the time; honestly, i was about to kill her because i was 
so mortified, and she was so stupid.  
Just imagine trying to eat a meal after that!  My stomach was in knots.
needless to say, now i always check if anyone is watching me in the stall.  
and i never test without asking whomever i'm with, "is this all right with 
you?? i have diabetes"  i would hate to have something similar happen again.  
The ignorance is astounding, esp. if you've had diabetes all your life and 
you think others have at least HEARD of it.  Sigh.
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