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[IP] amount of blood

Hi Sheila,

Good question.  The reason that the amount of blood matters for me is
that I have poor circulation, my hands are often cold (esp. in winter!),
and I have to wash them in warm water to get any blood at all.
Obviously a smaller drop is easier to coax out than a larger one!  For
me, in the summer I don't have that problem.  So I have to use the
deepest setting on the penlet, producing a bigger hole, and harder to
heal--multiply that times testing 6-12 times a day (since being on the
pump my average has been 12!), and the fingertips get pretty sore.  I
suspect that many others have a similar problem....

I've had diabetes for 35 years, and testing blood sugars for 20...so
that's alot of finger sticks!  I'm looking forward to these new devices
that are being tested that will require no more finger sticks! (would
love to be a guinea pig for one!!)


<original message>
I have a question for the list.....I've have seen people talking about
different meters and how much blood they each require for a test, BUT
does that matter?  You have to poke yourself for all of them.  It's a
of life with diabetes and to worry about that now in the game seems
trivial.  Does anyone have an answer?


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