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[IP] stupid is stupid is stupid....

Hi all--

You know how we often say "a carb is a carb is a carb?"  Well, let's face
it--"stupid is stupid is stupid."  It doesn't matter whether the stupid (or
arrogant) person is a teacher, an administrator, a parent, a doctor, a CDE,
a nutritionist.....  The problem comes when (I) associate the stupidity of
an individual person with a entire group of people who are represented by
the profession/role they play.  Obviously, when that connection is made a
whole group of people is going to be offended (and rightfully so), even
though the original person IS stupid.  That person doesn't represent the
entire group.

All _________ (fill in the blank) are NOT stupid, arrogant, annoying,
___________ (whatever).  But the individual ____________ (I) want to vent
about IS stupid, arrogant, annoying, _____________ (whatever).  

This isn't just being "politically correct."  It is just being sensible and
sensitive to our diverse group of IP members.

My two cents!!

Doreen in Wyoming   

I think during this thread, we have forgotten something...there are arrogant 
people all over the place, arrogant educators, arrogant parents, arrogant 
doctors, arrogant diabetics, arrogant people in general.
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