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Re: [IP] pumps

 >I have heard about both pumps and they both sound comparable, can someone 
please tell me exactly what the differences are >between the disetronic and 
minimed?  Is there a better one technically or are the differences mainly 
personal preference?  Thanks

I would highly recommend that you contact both companies and meet with 
their reps.  There is also some information ( somewhat outdated ) at 

I can only speak from the knowledge I have which may not be 100% all 
encompassing.  I think some of the main differences are that the D is 
waterproof, MiniMed is not.  The D delivers insulin every 3 minutes 
regardless as to your basel rate, where the MiniMed basel are disbursed my 
volume per hour ( I am not sure how this works but hopefully a MiniMed user 
will pipe in ).   The MiniMed has the dual and sqaure wave feature, the D 
does not but can be mimiced.  I think the new MiniMed 508 has three 
different basel "days" where as the D only has one as of now.

I would personally say that the main difference is personal.  Well it was 
for me.  I wanted a waterproof pump that can go with me in the shower, 
swimming, etc..

I hope this helps some and I am sure other people will respond as well.


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