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[IP] crazy lows!!

Wow just when I think I have my basals figured out, WHAMMO! I have had lows 
for about a week and a half. Often!! Across the board low low low!! Is it 
just an off week? Has my body finally adjusted to the pump and now I need 
less insulin? Hard to figure out!!  Curious if many people pumping after 
about 3.5 months of pumping need to decrease insulin due to the body finally 
adjusting to the constant drip of insulin!! My 1 unit bolus for lunch is all 
of a sudden too much!! And before bed my sugar was 99 great!! I had 4 
crackers with peanut butter AND didn't bolus. Woke up to a sugar of 50!! I do 
find it confusing/frustrating!!!      Leesa
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