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Re: [IP] Why test when low

>> This started I "get stupid" when I'm low.  When pricking my
finger, I would perpetually MISS my finger or not get it in the right area
at all.  Not sure how exactly I could do this, but after a couple of times
of hitting other parts of my hand, the center of my finger, my leg (really
unsure how I did that one), and got it stuck in a counter it was a soft

I'm sorry Maureen, but I just had to laugh at this one, maybe we should get 
together, because when I'm really low, my problem is actually getting the 
test strip in the meter.  I've tried putting two in at the same time, upside 
down, backwards, I guess there are only so many ways to screw it up, but at 
this point I'm pretty sure I've managed to find them all! Once when trying to 
put a strip in I got out the glucose tabs by mistake, so I just ate one. Now 
I'm pretty good about if I can't get the test strip in, I try to eat a 
glucose tab.  Ok, now it's your turn to laugh at me LOL! 

Type I, 25yrs! Pumping since last December.
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