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Re: [IP] in teachers' shoes/ kinda long!

Carrie...WELL PUT!! I'm not even a teacher yet, but I am an aide in an 
elemtary school special ed classroom, and this is exactly what I see every 
day.  Even I need to watch what I do or say for fear of someone 
misinterpreting and suing!!  The fear of lawsuits is so prevalent in my 
school...it's really sad.  I wish it wasn't that way.  Kelly

In a message dated 2/18/00 6:12:13 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  While I agree that it is difficult to get some educators to understand
 things, and that they may seem reluctant to be a part of somethings they
 may be unsure of and uncomfortable with.  And while I do agree that ALL
 PARENTS ARE TEACHERS, I must say that unless you are in a overcrowded,
 lawsuit friendly classroom day in and day out... you do not know what it
 is REALLY like to be an educator today. 
    We, diabetics and parents of diabetics will tell people that unless
 they walk a mile in our shoes, they really do not know what it is like
 to be diabetic.  My daughter is diabetic, but I am not... I will never
 truly know what it feels like to be diabetic.  Nor would I presume to
 say that I understand it.  IT IS THE SAME THING WITH BEING A TEACHER. 
 Unless you sit in a classroom day in and day out, you truly cannot
 understand what it is like to be an educator today.  The fear of
 lawsuits is so prevalent, that we are stuck fearing our own actions. 
 Can you blame someone for being uncertain about giving someone and
 injection?  Educators are told, don't touch a student, you might be
 sued, insert this catheter or you will be sued.  Educators are in a
 catch-22 about the safety and care of students. >>
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