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Re: [IP] re:ip in teacher's shoes

In a message dated 2/18/00 11:01:56 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Having been a student and now a parent, I find the arrogance of some
 revolting.  This is only aggravated by mixing D care in.
I think during this thread, we have forgotten something...there are arrogant 
people all over the place, arrogant educators, arrogant parents, arrogant 
doctors, arrogant diabetics, arrogant people in general.  I am currently in 
college as an education major, and I've learned more about laws and what I am 
NOT allowed to do than the actual educating part.  It is sad that I am not 
allowed to hug one of my kids in my special ed. class when they work really 
hard or read that book that they couldn't read a month ago, because I might 
get sued or in some other sort of trouble.  With all the sue-crazy people and 
all the lawsuits out there, I don't blame people for being cautious.  Of 
course, I'm sure some parents out there will see differently.  I just know 
that as it stands now, if it wasn't for the fact that I LOVE children and 
being with them, wanting them to succeed as much as I do, I would be changing 
majors.  The legal problems in the education system are ridiculous.  People 
get sued for looking at someone else.  The school I worked in last year is 
being sued by a parent.  The parent of someone in my class last year had 
problems with the teacher...they did not see eye to eye on the behavior of 
the child...the mother decided to sue the school because supposedly we 
"locked the child in the classroom closet." Talk about ridiculous!  

Unfortunately, many educators don't need to assume anything; they get the
proof from the parents! I'm not even a teacher yet, but I am an aide in a
school, and I see so many teacher-parent incidents that leave me wondering
why some people are allowed to procreate!! lol Seriously though, most of the
time the teachers don't "assume" anything, the proof's there.
quote end......
Do you have any kids?

No, I don't...but I don't need kids to be able to spot arrogance a mile away. 
 Arrogant parents are out there, just like arrogant teachers, doctors,and 
patients.  Right?  By the way, the "lol" in my statment meant I was laughing, 
joking, whatever you want to call it.  So...lighten up! LOL Even though I 
don't have children, I am still entitled to an opinion, and I might still 
have a VALID opinion, wouldn't you say?
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