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[IP] in class testing/ low testing

John said,
Not to start a controversy, but why do folks test their sugar when they can
tell it's low by how they feel?  Do folks do a different amount of snack
according to their readings?  Are there that many "false lows," when you
feel low but aren't?  I'm thinking of this especially with the recent long,
long thread about testing sugar in class.  Why put yourself through the
agony of the battle, other than the principle of the thing?  Why not pop the
usual low treatment into your mouth, and test when class is over?  I know it
would feel like the "bad guys won" - but are there other reasons than that?

Curt says,

Elementary kids are in the same class all day.  Good D practice is to test
the mid day to help reg bgs.  We do sometimes delay testing, but only so the
doesn't run our lives, never to please some self important administrator.

Letting the "bad guys" win when training a kid to be proud and responsible
diabetes care is bad policy.  I have to show that it is important to me or
wont be important to her.

The bad guys wont win on my watch.

Curtis Lomax
Dad to Emily, who tests ,boluses and eats whenever, wherever with her dad
behind her with a big legal stick.

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