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Re: [IP] I'm being ridiculous

At 11:35 AM 2/18/2000  Michael wrote:
 >> > Ok list i need affirmations. Matt had is A1C, the first one fully on the
 >> pump
 >> > and it was  6.8%.  I am being ridiculous, i'm actual dissappointed

 >It appears his control was pretty good to start with.

If I ever had a 6.8% I'd be in the streets whooping and hollering. I think 
that's a great number. Personally, I can never get much below an 8.0 (I'm 
very "brittle"). The important part of pumping, to my mind, is not just the 
A1C number but the flexibility it gives you to live a normal life. Although 
my A1C's are not much different, my lifestyle is poles apart from what it 
used to be. I also have more moderate fluctuations instead of a lot of the 
wild swings that I used to get.

The bottom line is to be happy with the numbers that you're getting. You 
must be doing something right.


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