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Re: [IP] Why test when low

In a message dated 2/18/00 5:54:03 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

I test often, upon waking, before meals, 2 hrs after, in the night and any 
time I feel "weird".  Lots of times I don't feel low symptoms until they are 
extreme and I am 40.  About 10% of the time when I think I'm low, I'm really 
high and its really more of a stress/panic thing that feels just like low 
sugars.  If I didn't do my 2 hr test after meals, I couldn't correct as 
needed and would stay high or go too low.  And yes, how many carbs to treat 
the low are in direct proportion to the bg reading.  I think if I couldn't do 
testing when needed I'd be at a much higher A1c.

who tests her little heart out for that 7.0 A1c.

<< Not to start a controversy, but why do folks test their sugar when they can
 tell it's low by how they feel?  Do folks do a different amount of snack
 according to their readings?   >>
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