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Re: [IP] Why test when low

> Not to start a controversy, but why do folks test their sugar when they
> tell it's low by how they feel?  Do folks do a different amount of snack
> according to their readings?  Are there that many "false lows," when you
> feel low but aren't?

I test when I feel low or high, no matter what - the reason?  Because there
have been MANY MANY times that I was sure I was low, but when tested, it was
actually high - and vice versa - I've felt high, but tested and been low.
I'd much rather test my sugar and see where it's at before I start treating
something that may or may not be going on.  I'd sure hate to eat something
if my sugar was already high as a kite, and I'd really hate to pass out from
a low just because I thought it was actually high.  Better safe than sorry.
(BTW, I have done some of those tests twice just to be sure - and the second
one mirrors the first within a 5 point range or so).

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