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[IP] in tears

> she too ran so high on shots that she feels low when others >don't.  (like you and I)

Oh, you know just how I feel then.  Today is a day I wish was not even
happening.  I would NEVER do what I am about to say, but he acts so
HORRID when he is under about 300(when he feels low ) that I want to
STUFF him to get his bg up to his comfort level ( closer to 350 or
400)just to get some PEACE.  He is so miserable, and by extension, so am
I am biting back tears today because he is being so rotten(I love him,
but you know what I mean moms and dads, right?  That low behaviour
"ain't pretty").  I have no idea how we are ever going to adjust to the
pump if he s always whining and begging for food at a good bg.  
I really just want to stop the whole thing and get off for just TEN
Thanks for letting me vent.
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