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[IP] Sharing info on pumps

I haven't had much time to read the IP list lately, even though I enjoy it
when I do.  Today I'm taking time to post.

This week my son Dan, a 17 yr-old pumper, sang at his great uncle's funeral.
Afterward at the luncheon, lots of elderly people were sitting around the
table comparing their diabetes stories in Dan's presence.  They were sorry
to hear he had diabetes, too.  But he sure looked good, they said; you'd
never know.  They were comparing how often they test, what fingers they use,
etc.  When it came to insulin doses and types of insulin, Dan showed them
his pump.  Those folks, mostly total strangers, were fascinated.  None of
them knew about pumps, including the grandma of another diabetic child.
They had so many questions and were so excited for him that he can go
anywhere, do anything, and grow up to be healthy and strong.  A discussion
worth evesdropping!
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