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Re: [IP] unused insulin rule???

> Another question
> what is the  "unused insulin rule?"
> I think I can guess from the context but better safe than sorry!
> And, how DO I correct when I am allowed no lattitude in his insulin
> dosing(no sliding scales)?  Should I try it out as the endo's
> program has NEVER worked and I'm going to have to anyways for the
> pump?  Any suggestions how to impliment this? Charisma :)

I suggest you read Pumping Insulin. Although it is written with 
pumping in mind, there is no reason why the same information can not 
be used for bg management on MDI. My daughter has gone several days 
at a time using her "pump regiemen" with injections only. Works fine 
and she did not use any long term insulins, only regular.
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