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RE: [IP] Re: "Tell-Tale Blood"

>If there were any consistent way to correlate BG to
>something so obvious in blood apperance, someone would have marketed this
>long long ago.

I agree that this shouldn't be used as a gauge, but I have found it to be
pretty consistant.  When I was a kid my brothers and I would place bets on
what my bg would be by the color and consistency of the drop of blood.  9x
out of 10 we were right on.  But then again I was testing. My blood tends to
be purplish and very thick, sometimes to the point of being hard to push out
of the skin on my finger, when I am high.  It is watery and pink when I am
low.  I have had a lot of problems getting a drop when I am below 50.  It
tends to run down my finger and not pool in a drop when that low. 

I also in a pinch have had to use a test strip minus machine to check my bg.
I have a one touch profile and the color on the back of the strip after
testing can give you a ball park of where you are.  My batteries died on my
machine last year when I was on an airplane.  Lucky me.  I was feeling low
but didn't want to eat anything without being sure.  I pricked my finger,
placed the drop on the strip and waited 45 secs.  Then flipped it over and
it was bright red.  I knew I was low.  Another time in a similar situation I
tested and the back was almost black so I knew I was high.  I didn't eat
until I could get batteries and test for sure.  1 hr. later I was 384.

So although YMMV, for me as a backup I know I have a guage that is somewhat
-- Sherry
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