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[IP] Re: "Tell-Tale Blood"

I must have missed this thread before, but it seems like you should get a
new endo for starters.
 I do think, however, that it might be very dangerous to rely on how the
blood looks to gauge your BG.   The color depends only on the amount of
oxygen (if you hyperventilate for a min prior to testing, the blood will be
bright red), and the "thickness" (viscosity) depends primarily on the
fraction of blood comprised by red blood cells (something that doesn't
change too quickly).  If there were any consistent way to correlate BG to
something so obvious in blood apperance, someone would have marketed this
long long ago.

<< I also have the thicker/darker- higher, thinner/liter red= lower phenomena.
 I always was sure it was just me too! LOL!! >>
   This thread has circulated before on IP & received LOTS of corroboration,
including my daughter's identical observations to yours. Even being a
non-scientist, I can fathom this one/....but what I CAN'T fathom is that when
Melissa, then about 10 yrs old, mentioned this fact to the head of ped. endo
at our revered children's hospital, he dismissed her (and me) with a sneer &
muttered something about it being ridiculous & we should stop looking for
"black & white" explanations for why diabetes was so variable....Same doc by
the way who dismissed my hubby when, upon dx, he inquired about pump therapy,
and was told not to even think about it until she was an adult!!!
Regards, Renee>>>>>>>>>

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