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Re: [IP] 4 lows in a row...

Viviane wrote:
<<<<I mean, I've gone from 30 U of Humalog to 23 U per day!!!!!!! (in 11 days)>>>>

I've been pumping for 15 days now.  Pre-pump I was taking 43 
total units per day (H and NPH).  At pump start, I was on a 24-
hour basal of .7, with a daily total of about 31 units Humalog.  
2 weeks (and many hypos) later, I'm down to a .4 basal and about 
23 units per day.  I don't think this is very unusual, but for 
some of us that initial calculation of basal rate is just much 
too high.  Keep up the good work.

BTW, I used to work in Maastricht (southern Netherlands) for a 
diabetes device company called Diva Medical Systems.  Anyone 
ever hear of them?
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