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Re: [IP] Mindset - Insulin =hormone not meds

>From: email @ redacted
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>Subject: [IP] Mindset - Insulin =hormone not meds
>Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 20:54:37 EST
>In a message dated 2/17/00 1:59:55 AM Eastern Standard Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
><<  Lily was at one point up to 80 - 90 units a day
>  with 1 unit per 11 grams of carb.
>I guess the hardest thing for me dealing w/ diabetes and Kap is - the basic
>concept of giving insulin.  Words like dosage is a constant reminder to me
>that insulin is a medication.  Yet, it is a hormone that the body naturally
>produces (or it should).
>As a parent, it is hard for ME not to feel like I am over medicating my 
>by telling him to bolus X amount of insulin.  I am always FEARFUL he will
>have seizures or pass out as a result of my instructions (giving 
>And you know the guilt I feel when I have error on the safe side and he has
>high bgs- (realizing it is a natural hormone produced by the body)
>When will this mindset change.  It has been almost 2 years.  You would 
>by now, I would feel conformable with giving insulin as a hormone 
>that it is and not medication.
>Ole my, I hope I have a mind set change soon, before puberty sets in!  Is
>there someway, he can by pass puberty and go straight to adult for his 
>Thanks for Listening!
>Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 9 pumper
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