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Re: [IP] Why test when low

I test to be sure that I really am low....

I do not have hypo unawareness, BUT there are times when it is difficult for me
to identify the difference between a feeling and feeling low....

If a situation is obvious - just cut off by another driver; a confrontation; or
any number of other situations.  When subtle, like simple frustration - for me
the feeling is physically similar to a low.  Am I low which is leading me to
being frustrated or am I just frustrated (stressed) and I simply "write it off"
as being low?  Or somewhere in the more gray areas.

As I've started to acknowledge and identify feelings, I can think of a few times
when it was much "easier" to identify the situation as being diabetes related.
That was instead of dealing with (or even knowing what) the feeling was.

Is there anyone else who has noticed that sometimes "the feelings get lost to
the diabetes"?

Jim S.
email @ redacted

With a long enough check list, we can account for anything!  If we had that
check list (and used it), we'd never have any time for anything except the

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