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[IP] Miscellaneous site experience

For you old-time pump users - i.e., more than a couple of year -about site 
atrophy and high bgs - my experience is that when I am changing my MM 
Silhouettes sites and I get a spot that has no pain when the needle is 
going in, that site will give me a problem later. I quess I need to make a 
map of good spots and bad spots on my stomach.   I cannot possibly remember 
them.  Maybe put my stomach on the copier (have to do that when no one is 
in the office) and mark the spots I can't use...? Cause I know that its 
like  "uh oh, that was too easy" (needle going into skin), and sure enough, 
a fday or less later, my bgs go up and I have to change the site and that 
always fixes the high bgs.   And my experience is that it is always the 

Now I have learned that if I have unexplained high blood sugars, it is 70% 
of the time a site problem, and 20% not enough bolus for food eaten (bad 
food/higher fat content than anticipated, or just a bad guess) and only 10% 
truly unexplainable.   Now I can add my "no pain - blood sugars gain" to my 
list!   Just sharing.

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