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[IP] reactions to Humalog(allergic)

I do not have the pump for my son yet, but this question sparked a
thought.  Have you used H for long?  Because my son had extreme site
reactions to Humalog when he first started.  He would sting and just get
wild for about 15 minutes - 1/2 hour after the shot, and he had skin
reactions at the injection site. 
I was told by the CDE that this was psychological, and they had never
heard of it before.  I called Lilly(provider of insulin) and they said
the same thing.  But when I called the supervisor at Eli Lilly, they
said that was a common allergic reaction and to watch it closely.  No
matter, eventually it eased up, but we went off of H anyway.

 It also hurts when I give a bolus.> 
> Viviane Kels
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