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Re: [IP] Problems in the classroom

My input on this situation was not to make the teachers responible for
their testing.  Many of these kids probably do this themselves at home. 
What I was saying was,  how would it be to teach if you had to keep going
somewhere else to get your supplies.  Just as some children are required to
keep their testing supplies separate from them and even in other buildings.
 My gosh let'em have their stuff so a teacher won't have to be a nurse when
they fall out in the floor because they couldn't make it to the office to

I have always said that diabetes is a disease of responsiblity.  And
becuase no one else knows exactly how my body is feeling at any given time
but me I need to take responsibility of my diabetes and treat it
accordingly.  ( Notice I said "I" and "my")

Man if I had know in school how I could have gotten out of class because of
my diabetes I would have never been in class.  None of my teachers really
knew about my diabetes.  Except for 2.  And once when I went low and did go
to the office to get something to eat, I had to ask for something or some 
money for the snack machines, they looked at me like I was crazy and got
kinda pissed because I couldn't just make it till lunch.  This was in 1989
in Virginia.  

I think every case is individual and if the person you are dealing with
dosen't see the light then move on to the the next open ear and up the
chain of command.  Any reasonable person would have to see that allowing a
child to do as much of their own care at school would be the best thing for
all involved.

just my .02

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