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Re: "Tell-Tale Blood" (was)Re: [IP] RE: Being a 'public' diabetic


Can I assume this is your former doc?


> including my daughter's identical observations to yours. Even being a 
> non-scientist, I can fathom this one/....but what I CAN'T fathom is that when 
> Melissa, then about 10 yrs old, mentioned this fact to the head of ped. endo 
> at our revered children's hospital, he dismissed her (and me) with a sneer & 
> muttered something about it being ridiculous & we should stop looking for 
> "black & white" explanations for why diabetes was so variable....Same doc by 
> the way who dismissed my hubby when, upon dx, he inquired about pump therapy, 
> and was told not to even think about it until she was an adult!!!
Steve Winer - Dad to Allie
14 y/o - dx 6/97 - MM508 12/99
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