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[IP] (IP): 4 lows in a row...

For the past two weeks I've been reading all your messages on this IP list
and I like it a lott. Although I'm from The Netherlands and some words are
different ,  the experience of pumping seems to be the same: LOVE IT! I've
been pumping for almost 11 days now and I feel like I have myself back
again. But there are so many Q's to ask...I'm happy to have found out about
this list...lotts of Q's have been answered already. The one thing I don't
like about my pump is putting in a tender/sil (don't know how it's called
in the US). Either it hurts or it's so good that my bg's are to low. Well,
as my bg's are extremly low last days I was wondering: how can this be? I
mean, I've gone from 30 U of Humalog to 23 U per day!!!!!!! (in 11
days).Today I've had 4 (yes four) hypo's in a row...did all the right
things..still going low. Can this be because of the insulin going straight
into my bloodstream? It also hurts when I give a bolus. Every time I
discover I need less insulin I think: Aha, I'm getting well!!!!! Maybe I
will be cured from diabetes. (ofcourse I know this cannot happen, but

Hope someone can help me out here...

Btw: the pictures on .../howto/setspots.shtml. already helped me a
lott...looking forward to more off those (I would love to send one, can I
send one by regular mail?)

Viviane Kels
email @ redacted
dxd 6/99
pumping 2/8/00 :)

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