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Re: [IP] too Wired to Sleep

In a message dated 2/18/00 5:09:41 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Thank you Darlene and everyone for reminding me why I am fighting for
 this.  Cause right now, I am so very tired and discouraged so often.   >>
     "Tired & discouraged" is GOOD!!! No -not on YOUR well-being , but rather 
on your refusal to accept things as they are TODAY! I will NEVER forget 
meeting a women with 2 diabetic teens at a JDF conference. When I was telling 
her about Melissa's pump & all that she was able to do thanks to pump 
therapy; she just chuckled & said her kids ate whatever, whenever, slept in, 
etc just like Melissa...only difference was they just lived with skewed bgs. 
She then added that their A1Cs hovered around 10-12 and that their endo had 
said " That's as good as you can expect with teenagers- so don't fight it"....
   Luckily my hubby read my "body language' & dragged me away, whispering 
"don't waste your breath!"....
   Now - don't you feel better about "tired & discouraged" as opposed to 
"oblivious & nonchalant"????

Regards, Renee
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