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Re: [IP] Why test when low

If I'm really low, I eat, then test (no matter if my meter is close to me
or what).  This started I "get stupid" when I'm low.  When pricking my
finger, I would perpetually MISS my finger or not get it in the right area
at all.  Not sure how exactly I could do this, but after a couple of times
of hitting other parts of my hand, the center of my finger, my leg (really
unsure how I did that one), and got it stuck in a counter (it was a soft
counter... I think lancetts would make a good thumbtack device in a pinch
<vbg>).  One time I wound up in tears because I could not pull myself
together enough to prick my finger, get a hanging drop, and then land it on
the stupid dot (it was a OT II).  I decided that from then on, if I knew I
was low, I would treat, then think about testing later.  So in many of my
logs I have "low" written.  My endo was not particularly happy with my
method, but it works for me.  Now if I'm not super low or crashing, I will
test.  Or if I question it in any way.

Just my thoughts
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