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[IP] Bad tender, no biscuit!:)

I am using a tender (my husband helped me insert it, as I chickened out
badly) since yesterday, my first tender occluded w/in 6 hrs, after a great
start so I changed bases (thanks to the pump co, I had two extra bases). I
got my sugar down and woke up at 67. But after a 20 g breakfast my sugar was
160 and I realized my set was occluding. I refuse to lose this set as it's
very comfy ( I barely feel it, but feel the plastic on me), so I bolused it
clear with an extra 1.5 units and well...I was at 50 when I got home and
waiting for my microwave to go beep and tell me my lunch is ready.  I had to
test 4x in class as I felt false lows (was rising rapidly from 90) but my
Latin prof was great and asked if I was ok.

Is a good rule of thumb 'If I fell my site, especially a tender/sil, change


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Randi "Pixie" Bruner
Moderator Camarilla IRC

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