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Re: [IP] Why test when low


Well, I'm only speaking for myself but I know there are a lot of other out 
there in the same boat.  I have hypo unawareness.  Sometimes the symptoms are 
so subtle that I really don't know it if it the slightest feeling of being 
low or if I am imagining it.  I also get false lows on such tight control 
that I don't want to take a chance on putting myself higher if I am already 
hi.  I sometimes don't even believe that I am low when everyone around me 
tells me I need to eat.  I once told my best friend that she was trying to 
kill me wanting me to eat when I shouldn't.  She said then test your sugar 
and do what the meter says.  Well, I was so bad that she had to help me do 
the test, but I still would not eat until the meter said to.  When I saw the 
22 on the meter I wanted to test again because I knew I couldn't be that low. 
 My friend then said if I didn't eat she was going to call the ER.  I didn't 
want that so I said I'd eat one gum drop.  In just a few minutes I felt 
better and stuffed a few more gum drops in my mouth and finally about a half 
an hour later I looked at her and said I guess you were right.  I felt bad 
then that I had given her such a terrible time so since then I always want 
the proof of the tester and now I believe what it says and act accordingly.  
That is just my reason, I'm sure there are many more and Yes I will treat 
different reactions differently depending on when it is how close to a meal I 
am and what I will be doing in the next hour or so.

Nancy 35 y/d 12 years pumping
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