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Re: [IP] Anthony's first day pumping

In a message dated 2/17/00 11:47:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< She is outraged to 
 find the district is relying on doctors who are not qualified in the field 
 of diabetes to be making such important decisions for our children. >>
   To quote Oprah, "YOU GO GIRL!!!" This one statement says it all & actually 
takes the onus off of our anti-school administrator thread. I also forwarded 
your post, along with Sandi Pope's, to my friend in MA ( she'd just crossed 
the border from RI when she moved) who's amassing her resources. She has a 
meeting scheduled for her state senate at the end of the month, believing 
that all this effort in substantiating the reasonable requests of parents, 
shouldn't end with her particular school district, but should rather result 
in a unilateral policy.
   When I first joined IP over 2 yrs ago ( when there were far fewer 
"pint-sized pumpers"), I posted that retraining endos/ped endos to "get with 
the pump program" was analogous to ob/gyns 25 yrs ago accepting that fathers 
belonged in the delivery room. Absurd! Preposterous! Never happen - they'll 
all pass out!"
    Hopefully we won't all have to wait decades to see a change in philosophy 
from the medical community....because ideally a CURE will preempt that slow 
process!!!! (as my grandmother would say..."from my mouth to G-d's ears!!!)

Regards, Renee(Melissa's pump-mom/coach/advocate)
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