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[IP] Why test when low

I think your message makes the great point that if in doubt, treat as if
you're low.  But in less i'm in real trouble, i try to test.  I aim to
correct to 100, high or low.  Sometimes i feel low at 75, other times not
until i'm <40, and sometimes when i'm high.  For me, at 75 i eat 5-10 g of
CHO, but for a 40 at least 15 g.  This strategy helps prevent subsequent
lows and highs.  Of course it's all guesswork, and depends on whether you
still have a bolus working, but i think it makes for a better guess.
:) colleen

>Not to start a controversy, but why do folks test their sugar when they can
>tell it's low by how they feel?  Do folks do a different amount of snack
>according to their readings?  Are there that many "false lows," when you

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