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[IP] When it comes to meters, I'm Pro-choice

Quite some time ago, the someone asked for a suggestion of a BG meter that
would be portable and withstand the cold of winter sports.  In honor of the
bounteous snowfall that surprised us this morning, I'm returning to the
   I had earlier reported my teensy tiny, 40-gram FastTake a miserable
failure in the cold. After a couple more months experience with my adorable
little FastTake, my verdict is the same.
   However, I've come into a Glucometer Elite XL. At 55 grams, smaller than
a deck of cards, and with a belt case that holds it flat and unobtrusively
to the body, it is eminently portable and I was pleased to discover,
performs as well in cold weather as the larger AccuChek Complete (weighing
156 grams) and the Lifescan Profile (weighing 124 grams). It renders results
in 29 seconds as compared to FastTake which does so in 15 seconds. (I'll
still love my FastTake in warmer days) and requires only a teeny blood

Anika, counting the degrees to summer

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