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[IP] Low night bgs...WAS Somogyi Effect

I think that the reason why we sometimes sleep through bgs and sometimes 
have seizures would depend on how fast our bg is dropping and how low it is 
dropping. If it is dropping at a slower steady rate then our body has time 
to react by doing the hormone thing and giving the liver a kick to produce 
glucagon. IF our bg is dropping quickly and going very low, the body's 
ability to react as quickly as we are dropping just does not happen. Instead 
our brain and muscles don't have enough fuel (sugar) to function properly 
and things start shutting down. Just the areas of the brain that control our 
most needed life sustaining functions remain working. The seizures in the 
muscles, I believe are because of the lack of fuel in our blood that is 
being pumped to them, so they start to cough and spurt. This may not be 
correct, but this is the way I understand it......Carolyn

>From: "Julie Britt" <email @ redacted>
> >> The Somogyi effect is caused by counterregulatory hormones
> >> triggered by very low blood sugars..someone who often has high bg
> >> in the morning...
>I have had problems with this before...but I am wondering, why do some
>people have seizures in their sleep form going too low, why don't they just
>rebound from this hormone stuff?  I have always wondered why sometimes I
>wake in the middle of the night with a low, and other times I sleep right
>through it and end up high in the morning because of this somogyi stuff.

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