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[IP] Skylar's pump

Hi All,  Just alittle update on Skylar's pump.  It is now the 16th day since 
she had a shot!  She has adjusted amazingly well to wearing her new pump all 
the time.  She likes to wear it on a velcro belt in the back & slides it to 
the front to bolus.  She is great with #'s & love to do all her boluses ater 
I tell her the dose.  She quickly learned to cancel if she went too far & 
starts all over.  She never plays with it & hardly knows it's there.  She has 
taken showers & bubble baths with it.  We are doing 3 day site changes & use 
alot of vaseline ointment on a cotton swab to work off the adhesive of the 
tiny Rapid 6mm.  She told me she doesn't even feel it when I put in a new 
one.  We don't use any numbing cream with the Rapids.   We are still working 
on adjusting her basal rates & she has been on quite a rollercoaster but we 
are getting closer everyday.  Like most things with this disease, it's trial 
& error.   She was given the Pump Girls CD as a gift from our Dis. rep.  & 
she really likes knowing that she's like them.  It's really nice how much 
those girls are doing to help other D kids cope.  I can feel the freedom & 
flexibility alittle more each day when Skylar has a delayed meal or just 
isn't hungry.  Once we have her basal rates set we'll be ready for anything, 
though I think her doses will keep changing as with shots.  We are going to 
Florida for 3 weeks on March 7 to visit family.  At least we had a month to 
adjust to our new lifestyle before traveling.   Thanks for being there.       
          Robin mom of Skylar 5 yrs. dx'd 5-96 pumping since 2-2-2000
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