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[IP] Crack shot was injecting through Silhouettes

> Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 00:29:57 EST
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] crack shot was Injecting through Silhouettes
> way back on 2/6 wayne wrote:
> >  I guess I don't understand why you would want to inject into
> > the port, even assuming your spontaneity took charge for a
> > moment :-)  Since you are on a pump, why not just bolus for
> > whatever you indulged in?
> well as one who as occasionally injected through the port, i will
> to the by now defunct conversation...I pump Velosulin.  If I am high, and
> am quite sure it is NOT due to the site, then I will use H to bring me
> I have at times, found the little plastic cap to put on the port and shot
> through that, rather than stick the needle through my skin...I do tend to
> leave used syringes in my kit and am not always sure I have a super sharp
> one...


You put on the plastic cap on the port and shot up through that? Now I'm
even more confused!  (I asked the original question re injecting through
Silhouettes and wondered how you could do it with limited vision.)  I just
had more laser done on my left eye last Friday and although my right eye is
pretty good, I managed to miss a catheter that slipped out  of its site
during a great Valentine dinner.  When my bg shot up to 580  a few hours
later and I started vomiting, I  realized what had happened. :-(  I injected
5 units of Humalog,  put in a new Sil and then bolused 4 units of Regular.
I spent the night sipping Pellegrino water to replace  the fluids I lost
through vomiting, testing and finally was back to normal by 6AM.  Not the
way I planned on spending Valentine night!

Now your idea of two pumps, one for Humalog and one for Regular ...hmmm that
sounds neat1

Denise Guerin
type 1 45 years

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