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Re: [IP] blood born pathogens

I'd like to add this info, as one of the parents who
filed with OCR in the Loudoun Case that spawned the
USA Today article, the 'problem' of blood born
pathogens cropped up during the negotiations with my
school administrators and OCR.  The lawyers at OCR
contacted OSHA to get the official word and OSHA
replied that there is NO THREAT OF BLOOD BORN
PATHOGENS in testing blood sugar, NONE.  So once the
school administrators heard this they had nothing to
back up their opinion that kids testing in the
classroom would endanger others.  So now they permit
it.  Of course we also brought up these situations:
where do teachers with diabetes test?  Are they
required to go to the clinic? (no)  What about skinned
knees, bloody noses, paper cuts and menstrating girls?
 (no protocol exist for these situations)  we also
said the above situations are uncontrolled where
testing bs is a controlled situation.  The USA Today
reporter Linda Temple, did not deliver the story as
promised, she swayed the article towards sympathy for
teachers when in our case our children's safety was in
jeopardy and their rights were violated by our school
administrator's ignorance and egos. I hope everyone
took note of the quote by Howard Callum , OCR
divisional lawyer, who said that the percentage of
children with disabilities that teachers have is very

--- "Natalie A. Sera" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> email @ redacted wrote:
> > This strikes me as a very good analogy -- although
> the possibility of
> > contagion is probably actually greater with the
> nose blowing.  There actually
> > are times when I leave a room to blow my nose, and
> situations where I seek a
> > bit of privacy for testing (altho with the
> fasttake kept in its case, I feel
> > less of a need).  But in the classrooms I've been
> in lately, I can't imagine
> > either being a problem. (I do turn off beeps)
> Hmmm, I have Hispanic kids in class who were taught
> at home that it's
> RUDE to blow your nose in public, and they tend to
> ask to go to the
> restroom to blow their noses. 
> Needless to say, going to the restroom, with its
> prerequisite
> individualized hall-pass writing is too disruptive
> to my teaching,
> especially during cold and flu season! So I have to
> teach them that they
> can do it discreetly in the back of the classroom.
> Hmmmm. . .  I feel an idea germinating here!
> Are you thinking what I'm thinking????
> Chuckles,
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