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Re: [IP] too Wired to Sleep

That gives me hope, too.  I have gotten so jaded to high bg(takes over
500 to "impress" me anymore. Even the "HI Call Doc" really is a
commonplace occurance)

But I can vaguely remember our first 181.. OH NO!  Out of target
range--and that was after I fought them on it.  Why should target range
be so high I thought?  180 is a LOT.  Now I can't seem to grasp that
concern anymore.  I think it is going to take some serious educating to
"teach" me out of this, because I hear you guys say bg of 90 and I think
AAAA! get the gluc tabs, get the glucagon ready!  he has become that
used to the highs physically that he has reactions on the very rare
occassions he is under 200.

And BOTH of us have forottten what real honest to goodness restful sleep
is.  He is so moody and wild.  

At 3 am, this is one of the best boosters I could have read!  

Thank you Darlene and everyone for reminding me why I am fighting for
this.  Cause right now, I am so very tired and discouraged so often.  


> Kap age 9 pumper is finally getting the rest he needs, because pre-pump he
> was always high - therefore was always WIRED!
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