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[IP] Testing on public bus or elsewhere.

>Eat on the bus.  Prick in the classroom.  Bolus at the lunch table.

We are trying to teach our kids to not let diabetes stop them from being all
they can.  Why would we let ignorant people stop them from taking care of

My 8 yr. old has permission and authority from me to stand up to ANYONE
about her care.  No questions asked.  If she thinks she needs to test or eat
or bolus, she can do whatever she needs, bite, kick, scratch, steal, cuss to
get it done.  She has been assured that I will back her up.

Now, she is having a bit of trouble finding the line in the classroom
between obeying her teacher and diabetes care.  Meaning that the very
experienced teacher has called her "the most stubborn child she has ever
had".  It made her daddy proud, but she does need to learn when to be a
"prick in the classroom" and when to follow instructions without a debate.

My response to the bus driver would be, "call a cop if you want".  Then
proceed with whatever needed doing.

Curtis Lomax

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