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Re: [IP] Stress level Ratio???

1:15 a.m.....Well, I was too "wired" to sleep. Just did another bg and it is 
about 420...yikes! I guess there is no insulin left from my very late dinner 
bolus. I did a high bg bolus of 2 units an hour ago, I guess I will do 
another 3 units for a total of 5 for a bg above 400. I really hope I don't 
crash later. I am shivering like crazy, guess I will go and cuddle up to 
hubby to warm up (and try not to wake him)! I drank a big glass of water so 
that means I will probably have to get up in 2-3 hours to pee so I will 
check my bg then and hopefully things will be coming down. I checked my site 
(butt with Comfort) and other than some redness along the length of the 
cannula it looks O.K.......Carolyn

>From: "Carolyn Green" <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Stress level Ratio???
>Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 00:23:14 EST
>I am getting slap happy here. It is after midnight. My bg is soaring so
>high, I can taste the ketones!! I am trying to figure out if I should bolus
>with my high bg ratio or double it because of stress. Then we could call it
>the Stress level ratio!!! Just Kidding. Stress is the one thing that just
>sends my bgs wacky and that I don't have much control over, it seems. 
>want a rebellious 17 yr. old? Just Kidding again.
>Thank goodness my stress level does'nt go this high very often. I am kind 
>venting here, so please forgive me. I had dinner about 10 p.m. which I
>rarely do. Now my body wants to sleep but my mind is going a million miles
>an hour. But, I am too tired to figure out how much insulin might be 
>still from my late dinner so I bolused 2 units and hope I can settle down
>for a bit of sleep now.
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