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Re: [IP] RE High after breaking a fast.

At 06:56 PM 2/17/2000  charisma wrote:
 >Oh boy.  I REALLY want to understand this one.  It is skimming right
 >over the top.  Anyone care to take a stab at it.  Remember, I am the one
 >who has a son NOT on the pump yet, but tryig to figure it all out before
 >the appt.

Some (but not all) people have a greater need for insulin after approx. 
3am. This is often called the Dawn Phenomenon. Others (myself included) 
also need higher amounts in the morning hours because of greater insulin 
resistance then.  My needs drop considerably in the afternoon. Your basals 
can often be adjusted to compensate for this.

Once you are on the pump you'll learn all this stuff... normal cycles that 
have been masked by long-acting insulin will start to show up. But, 
everyone is different. You can't use information from this list as a recipe 
for your son's basals. You need to work with your doctor and you may need 
to use some trial and error. There is a lot of help on our web page at:


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