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[IP] counterregulatory WAS Somogyi Effect

Jan wrote:
> I was told Dr. Symogi figured out when a person has
>high BGs, more insulin will be injected (by shot then) to bring it 
> down, therefore causing a hypo, therefore overeating causing 
> high BG, therefore more insulin, causing more hypos, etc

and Liz responded with:
> The Somogyi effect is caused by counterregulatory hormones 
> triggered by very low blood sugars..someone who often has high bg 
> in the morning...

I had a endo back in the shot days who had me in the hospital to get 
"regulated"  - He felt my mornign numbers were way too high, so each morning 
he would write orders for my bedtime NPH, upping it a couple of units, until 
the 4th night, i was taking almost DOUBLE my usual amount...I had a feeling 
that this was WAY wrong.  So that 4th night, the nurse came in to have me 
draw up the 21 units he had ordered that morning, I was ready to protest.  
HOWEVER, she said, "OH NO< it was not 21 units he ordered, it was 12 units"  
I said I *remembered* him saying 21 units and I remembered arguing with him, 
but that he had won out saying he felt I needed MORE insulin to counteract 
that dawn phenomenon...  Since I had had 19 units the night before, the 
logical procession for more insulin was 21, which WAS what i heard.  
"Nonononono," she insisted, "it was 12."  "Whatever," i said, much happier to 
be taking 12 (which is about what i went in the hospital taking).  I woke up 
the next morning damn near perfect.  The doctor comes in crowing his 
success..."he was RIGHT, I did need more overnight insulin."  "Excuse me," I 
said, popping his little bubble,"but I took LESS insulin last night than I 
have the previous 3 nights."  "No, (you silly twit)," he said, "I ordered 21 
units last night adn it says right here you got it."  "Oh no," I demurred 
(sp?), "the chart is WRONG!!! I may be a young foolish "girl" but I sure as 
hell know the difference between 12 and 21, so why dont you check with that 
nurse.  I am sure she will remember our "discussion" about it last night."  
he left the room and when i got my orders for that night...it said 12 units.  
The night nurse came in ALL apologetic and sorry - she must have gotten 
chewed out royally for giving the wrong dose...I just THANKED her for her 
mistake...21 units might have KILLED me!!!   

I was very obviously crashing around 4 am due to the high amounts of NPH at 
8-9pm, and then rebounding to the clouds when they checked me at 

*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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