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[IP] Handwriting w/ Highs

Well i know I missed most of this, but i had to add my 14 cents worth.  I 
very rarely put pen to paper anymore in this age of electronica.  Besides, it 
was never much better than chicken scratch in the first place so i can't 
really tell if highs or lows make a difference...now that I KNOW the 
difference between highs and lows.  

However, as anyone who IMs or emails me on a regular to semi-regular basis 
will attest, my TYPEWRITING gets pretty crappy when I am low...My sentence 
structure goes to hell, my spelling is creative at best, and all my worst 
tendancies towards dyslexia come through with brilliant force...

I came in 3rd in the Rocky Mountain spelling bee in 7th grade - wonder how i 
would have done if I had a pump back then.....

*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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