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[IP] crack shot was Injecting through Silhouettes

way back on 2/6 wayne wrote:
>  I guess I don't understand why you would want to inject into 
> the port, even assuming your spontaneity took charge for a 
> moment :-)  Since you are on a pump, why not just bolus for 
> whatever you indulged in?  

well as one who as occasionally injected through the port, i will contribute 
to the by now defunct conversation...I pump Velosulin.  If I am high, and I 
am quite sure it is NOT due to the site, then I will use H to bring me down.  
I have at times, found the little plastic cap to put on the port and shot up 
through that, rather than stick the needle through my skin...I do tend to 
leave used syringes in my kit and am not always sure I have a super sharp 

On the other hand, I have often considered switching to Disetronic.  I would 
run Velosulin in one and Rocket Fuel (humalog) int he other.  I would wear 
the V pump as basal.  then when I want to eat, or correct a high, I will 
disconnect pump V and hook up to H pump...

then you wrote:
>   I have no idea how Sara manages to aim properly, but based 
> on the accuracy of her verbal barbs, I'm sure she is a crack shot 

hmmmm,,,,I don't aim.  I close my eyes and shoot - bet I would be a good 
basket ball player!!!

>  I tried to have lunch with her when I was in New York 
> recently, but when she heard I was coming north she went and 
> took a flight off to California.

yah right, wayne!!!  tee hee...any time buddy, just give me some advance 
warning.  Wihel I was in California I got to see Michelle Piper aka Rands 
from this list.  On the way to California, I got to meet Fran one of our 
darling admins.  Then when I went to chicago last week, I got to meet Anne 
Muse, who used to be on the list - she was Pino" - WHO'S Next???  I am going 
to Norfolk in a couple of weeks...any one???

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