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[IP] Stress level Ratio???

I am getting slap happy here. It is after midnight. My bg is soaring so 
high, I can taste the ketones!! I am trying to figure out if I should bolus 
with my high bg ratio or double it because of stress. Then we could call it 
the Stress level ratio!!! Just Kidding. Stress is the one thing that just 
sends my bgs wacky and that I don't have much control over, it seems. Anyone 
want a rebellious 17 yr. old? Just Kidding again.
Thank goodness my stress level does'nt go this high very often. I am kind of 
venting here, so please forgive me. I had dinner about 10 p.m. which I 
rarely do. Now my body wants to sleep but my mind is going a million miles 
an hour. But, I am too tired to figure out how much insulin might be working 
still from my late dinner so I bolused 2 units and hope I can settle down 
for a bit of sleep now.
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