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[IP] unused insulin rule???

Another question
what is the  "unused insulin rule?"
I think I can guess from the context but better safe than sorry!

And, how DO I correct when I am allowed no lattitude in his insulin
dosing(no sliding scales)?  Should I try it out as the endo's program
has NEVER worked and I'm going to have to anyways for the pump?  Any
suggestions how to impliment this?
Charisma :)

email @ redacted wrote:
> My suggestion to save time is for you to begin today logging all bgs/times,
> carbs, doses.  You'll need to demonstrate that you are carb counting
> accurately, applying the , shaving, correcting.  You'll
> need to know his average total daily dose, his correction (sensitivity)
> factor, how to calculate these as they constantly change.
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