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[IP] Anthony's first day pumping

Well at 6:30 am today Anthony was also assimilated into the 
collective....he's also a Star Trek fan.  His designation is 4 of 4....he's 
the youngest in a family of four :)  Hasn't named his pump yet....he has to 
think about that one.

I just had to comment on the thread about children and schools.  We've had 
an ongoing battle with our school district, Los Angeles Unified regarding 
several issues including keeping Anthony at his neighborhood school instead 
of them bussing him off to a school with a full time nurse.  Our battle has 
resulted in me working at the computer lab of his school for 4 hours a day 
in order for him to remain there.  We're also pushing for testing in the 
classroom in a district that will not allow it.....because it's not in the 
best interest of the child....hog wash!

Well today was not only Anthony's first day pumping, but his CDE has also 
become our advocate.  She is dedicating herself to finally put an end to 
these injustices the school district is inflicting on our children.  Up 
until now she never had a set of parents who were willing to fight....but 
now she's found one.  She spoke to the district doctor today who has been 
assigned to research pumping and help the district write their 
protocol.  Turns out this doctor doesn't know a thing about pumps, and has 
had very little experience in treating diabetes, let alone children with 
diabetes, which is a whole different animal in itself.

Our CDE has offered her services to the district to sit on their advisory 
board for diabetes policy and protocol.  She's offered to give in-service 
training to the school nurses, and also be readily available to answer pump 
and diabetes related questions from nursing personnel.  She's also going to 
be attending our 504 meeting with the district doctor, as well as bring a 
representative from MM and also including our ped endo.  She is outraged to 
find the district is relying on doctors who are not qualified in the field 
of diabetes to be making such important decisions for our children.

How do we go about qualifying someone for sainthood?

mother of Anthony, 11, dx. 9-22-95.....Finally pumping!

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