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[IP] needles for "addicts"

That is hilarious!  
My other issue is that people always look suspiciously at the needles. 
I mean, I whip one out and they get this look like either--ooh--I gotta
find out where she gets those so I can shoot up, or ooh!  a needle! DRUG
I once had a woman tell me that I should not throw the needle away(I had
clipped it unbeknownst to her) because I was aiding and abetting "street
bums."  Sigh.
I know I am probably intolerant again here myself, but golly, not
everyone who has needles is a drug addict.  And most certainly not my
six year old.  What do they think his Medic-Alert bracelet says? 
"ADDICT, needs heroin once an hour????"    LOL  
Hey, if we get the pump, I have about 6 trillion needles here.  Is it
legal to sell these over, say, ebay to other diabetics???

Charisma :)
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